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Past Meetings

UNL IT Services Year 1 Planning
UNL CIO's First 90 Days
PM Focus Group: Spotlight
CMS Integration at UNL
PM Focus Group: Roundtable
PM Focus Group: PMBOK
Storage Management Strategies for UNL - Review & Planning
PM Focus Group: Spotlight
NU Tech: Learning Space Design and Flexible Computing
PM Focus Group
Liferay Users Group
PM Focus Group
Liferay Users Group
UNL IT Disaster Planning
PM Focus Group
UNL Information Services Projects Update
LSD Focus Group
PM Focus Group
Liferay Users Group
LSD Focus Group
2009 NU Information Technology Day
Prime Vendor Presentation: Adobe Systems, Inc.
NU Tech LSD Focus Group
SOA-Style Solutions
NU-wide PM Development
Cloud Computing
Achieving IT Economies of Scales
Prime Vendor Pesentation: Dell, Inc.
NU Tech Web Presence
Design Studio - Application Development at the Raikes School
Learning Space Design in Higher Ed.
CMS Efforts at UNL
Web Usability Studies at UNL
Opencast Project
September 2008 NU Tech WebApp Dev Meeting
September 2008 General Meeting
August 2008 General Meeting
July 2008 NU Technology General Meeting
June 2008 NU Technology General Meeting
May 2008 - NUtech WebApp Development Meeting
May 2008 NU Technology Meeting
April 2008 - NUtech WebApp Development Meeting
April 2008 NU Technology Meeting
2008 NU Information Technology Day
February 2008 General Meeting
January 2008 NUtech WebApp Development Meeting
January 2008 General Meeting
December 2007 General Meeting
November 2007 NUtech Web Development Meeting
November 2007 General Meeting
October 2007 General Meeting
September 2007 General Meeting
August 2007 Web Development Meeting
August 2007 NU Technology Meeting
July 2007 NU Technology Meeting
June 2007 NU Technology Meeting
May 2007 NU Technology Meeting
April 2007 NU Technology Meeting
2007 University of Nebraska Information Technology Day
February 2007 NU Technology Meeting
January 2007 NU Tech Meeting
December 2006 NU Technology Meeting
November 2006 NU Tech Meeting
October 2006 NU Technology Meeting
September 2006 NU Technology Meeting
August 2006 NU Tech Meeting
July 2006 NU Technology Meeting
June 2006 NU Technology Meeting
May 2006 NU Technology Meeting
April 2006 NU Tech Meeting
2006 University of Nebraska Information Technology Day
March 2006 NU Tech Meeting
February 2006 NU Tech Meeting
January 2006 Meeting
December 2005 NU Tech Meeting
November 2005 NU Tech Meeting
October 2005 Meeting
September 2005 Meeting
August 2005 Meeting
July 2005 Meeting
June 2005 Meeting
May 2005 Meeting
April 2005 Meeting
March 2005 Meeting
NU Tech Interim Board Meeting for February 14, 2005
February 2005 Meeting
December 2004 Meeting
November 2004 Meeting
October 2004 Meeting
September 2004 Meeting
August 2004 Meeting
July 2004 Meeting
June 2004 Meeting
May 2004 Meeting
April 2004 Meeting
March 2004 Meeting
February 2004 Meeting
January 2004 Meeting
December 2003 Meeting
November 2003 Meeting
October 2003 Meeting
August 2003 Meeting
July 2003 Meeting
May 2003 Meeting
April 2003 Meeting
March 2003 Meeting
February 2003 Meeting
January 2003 Meeting
December 2002 Meeting
November 2002 Meeting
October 2002 Meeting